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You Were Never Really Here


James 4 I’m still waiting for the climax. I prefer the ending where he blows his head off.
Justin 3 A lotta things missing in this movie. That was really not a good movie.
Paul 3 I feel like this movie was written on napkin in a bar, and they decided to fill it in later, and then forgot. Everyone died and I don’t know why. I still don’t know know what this was about.
Clay 3 I wouldn’t overthink it too much. Pretty good example why the same person shouldn’t be the screenwriter, director, and producer.
John 4 You went in not knowing and you finished not knowing. Someone made a Hotline Miami movie and couldn’t get the rights to the IP. You wish you we never never really here.
Mark 2 Cinematography was good, Joaquin was fine, but the movie was so slow, and left us guessing too much. We filled in more of the movie in our conversation than the movie gave us.