The turn of who adds movies into the rotation will follow the order below. If a person’s turn comes up but they can’t submit movies for some reason, the turn will skip to the next person in the order. The person whose turn was skipped will get another chance when the order finishes, but if they miss their turn again, the order will start over.

  1. James
  2. Justin
  3. Paul
  4. Mark


The person whose turn it is to choose will select three films to add to the rotation. There is no strict criteria on what kinds of films should be selected, but some casual suggestions include an older film, a newer film, or an obscure film. Duplicates of previous submissions will be rejected.


About one week before the next scheduled screening, the list of nine films (the six survivors of the previous vote, and the three new ones) will be posted online. Each poster links to its film’s trailer. Members who plan to join the screening vote by distributing scores to each of the nine films, in order of most preferred (9) down to least preferred (1).


When voting is closed, the scores are tallied. The winner will be watched and removed from the running. The two films with the lowest scores will also be removed from rotation. The six survivors will be included in the next screening’s list of contenders.


In the event of any ties, a coin will be flipped, dice will be rolled, or some other randomizing method will be used. Heads on the coin, or higher numbers on the dice, will favor the film(s) closer to the start of the alphabet.


The choices for every tenth screening will automatically consist of the previous nine winners. Normal conditions will resume with the next screening.

Nic Cage Rules

Nic Cage

A secondary series of screenings consists entirely of films featuring Nicolas Cage. Voting takes place as normal, but no one selects films for this rotation, and no films are eliminated except by winning a screening. Nic Cage movies will not be permitted as submissions for the main screening series.