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James 7 Script was well written, the actors did pretty well. I think it's very Dick Tracy meets West Side Story. The high school aspect was a bit tough to bite on, but other than that it was pretty entertaining. The plot twist at the end wasn't very twisty because you figure it out three-fourths through the movie.
Justin 7 Very enjoyable. Solid acting. It was a fun play on the noir genre. There were a couple of good twists. I feel like I need to watch it again, I'm sure I missed a lot of stuff.
Paul 5 I felt like everyone was talking at one-and-a-half speed. It felt weird bringing in the high school side.
Jarrod 7 The acting was fine. I'm not one to know about the noir genre. The time period of high school worked well. It was slightly cheesy, but it was enjoyable because of the ties to Sherlock Holmes and Shakespeare.
John 9 It was a great take on the noir framework, they did a good transition putting it into a high school environment, and used the tropes well in that setting.
Mark 7 The actors did a fine job, I thought it was a good movie. Maybe I enjoyed it more because we watched it in a group. The cinematography felt lacking to me. Some major scenes picked up too much background noise, which washed out the dialogue.