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The Endless


James 6 It had an interesting idea. I think for the two actors (who were also apparently the producers) there’s probably a deeper meaning in the movie for them and their view on life, but it’s kind of slow moving and not a lot happens.
Justin 3 It could have used more of a budget. Every moment where you thought something awesome was gonna happen, it was just a letdown. There were some fun elements, but the payoff of the brotherly love was so unfortunate for the amount of build-up it had.
Paul 5 I think it was trying to be murkier than it was, which just ended up being confusing. It had some plot holes, and was kind of slow. I’d like to see what they could do with this with an actual budget.
Jarrod 4 Slightly entertaining. I think the concept was cool, but it was really slow, very drawn out. I really like sci-fi movies, but I think the wind up was just too slow. They could have developed the characters a bit better. It did have some great one-liners.
Mark 4 The camerawork that warped the edges of the image helped communicate that something was off but always just outta sight. This didn’t carry over into the third act, where you could tell they wanted to show more but left us just wondering what characters were reacting to out-of-frame. The movie needed a bigger budget there. I think the acting was fine across the board, but there wasn’t a lot to work with. None of the characters really grew or developed, and the brothers’ plot wasn’t enough for two hours.