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The Vast of Night


Justin 6 If you want part two, tune into Fire in the Sky. So much character building, just to have AH! they’re here! Okay, movie’s over. It was a disappointing ending.
Paul 5 I’d give it a higher score if this was a part one of two. It was building to something, but the payoff was only thirty seconds long. The setting and dialogue were fine, some of it was kind of funny.
Jarrod 3 I dig the way they filmed it, especially the dialogue between Fay and Everett. But there was a lot of buildup for not much at the end. Not enough sci-fi for me. It seems wasted to know the characters that much just for them to disappear.
James 7 I’m not entirely certain I see vast character development. There’s only about fifteen minutes of them just talking, then the plot starts going. I was impressed and entertained throughout. I like the way they played the two characters off each other, with their implied attraction as they figure out what this mystery is. I like that they didn’t completely spell it out: was it aliens, the government, or what? It’s left to your imagination.
Mark 6 The handful of lengthy one-shot scenes at the beginning was great. They were showing off, and I think they earned it. The framework of the movie as an episode of a quasi-Twilight Zone anthology series was unnecessary; it made me take the plot a less seriously. The ending felt abrupt, like they didn’t quite know what to do, so they just had the characters stumble into the mystery’s revelation by sheer accident.