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Dark City


James 7 I saw it when it first came out. My higher score is probably based a little bit in nostalgia. It didn’t quite hold up as much as you think, but compared to stuff that was coming out at the time it was pretty good. Have you tried Beetlejuice lately? It’s not as good as you remember.
Justin 4 I didn’t feel at all that connected to, or invested in, anything. I nearly fell asleep twice.
Paul 5 Felt like some guy in the studio was hired and said, ‘We hear this movie is coming out. Here are the broad, overarching points. Make that, but different.’
John 4 Set design was awesome. Cinematography was good. It would be a lot better if it just went with an unreliable narrator, only implying any sci-fi aspects while sticking to harder noir genre.
Mark 6 The digital effects were okay for the time period. It’s tempting to judge it based on similarities to The Matrix, but it came first and stands on its own well enough, and some of the effects hold up better. The pacing was non-stop, even in ‘slow’ scenes, sometimes enough it could feel a bit overwhelming.