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How to Talk to Girls at Parties


James 5 I want to simultaneously give this a 9 and a 1. It’s so abstract that it almost loses itself in itself. It’s got so much going on that it’s difficult to pull the baseline message out of it. But, I was pretty highly entertained.
Justin 5 Weird stuff, man. Weird stuff. But hey, I think it was alright. I liked it.
Paul 6 I thought it was enjoyable. It was weird, but it kept my interest. I’ve got a soft spot for punk from the 80s.
Heidi 6 I cried at the end. And it was very weird.
Mark 6 It was really bizarre the whole way through, but it kept me engaged the entire time; I never checked out. It felt like the third act kind of fell apart for a bit just before the conclusion, but it got better.