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Midnight Special


James 3 I don’t think there’s any need to get too deep here. That movie sucked. The boy did a good job acting, otherwise it was really boring.
Justin 5 Not sure I agree it sucked. It was certainly sloooow with monotone dialogue, which is really boring. I appreciated some of the action, but would like to have seen more. The payoff wasn’t spectacular.
Paul 4 It was pretty boring, honestly. The payoff wasn’t good. I would’ve liked to see more in the city, or somebody in the city, or something. It wasn’t great though. I don’t think it sucked, but there was a lot of room for growth.
John 6 It was a good, slow-burn sci-fi. It showed more than it should have. It was still good, and followed the rules of sci-fi of show more than tell, but the fancy world thing at the end was too much. Maybe if they implied more it would be better.
Mark 6 The kid was a good actor. Made me think of the Culkins. The movie kept its plot hidden longer than was necessary. I can’t decide if I wanted to see more hints dropped earlier, or more of the big reveal at the end. Either way, it left me wanting to see more. The kid turned out to be Deus ex Machina: The Character.