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James 7 It felt like they used the orphan subplot to assign the astronaut a character flaw. The music was pretty good.
Justin 6 I think they tried to overdo the score, and the dialogue was all so boring. Maybe that’s alright for the genre, but I was waiting for something to happen and started to doze off. A couple of highlights with the head-slashing, and the action was fun.
Jarrod 5 I loved some of the look of the movie; the way the alien sliced off the head, that was pretty phenomenal. I didn’t care for the story as much. I’m still getting to grasp the orphanage subplot. The end should have tied it together.
Paul 7 This was not what I expected. I thought it’d be more horror and jump scares, but it wasn’t. The orphan subplot was tacked on.
John 6 I agree the whole son/orphan subplot was unnecessary. Overall the movie was well-paced. It was a good, low to the ground sci-fi.
Mark 6 The whole movie was very drab and grey. Did the Russians perceive themselves that way? [Paul, expert on Russia: ‘Yes, they did; they’re all just nihilists.’] The dialogue was really monotone. The alien moments were great, but the parts in between were too dry, more than they should’ve been for a sci-fi, or sci-fi horror.