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James 5 Another slow burn Nic Cage movie. I didn’t really think the way they finished off the antagonist’s story was really the right way to do it. Otherwise the movie was entertaining enough.
Justin 5 Many of the same reasons as James. I got kinda lost in the story. It felt like they tried really hard to introduce so many things, but nothing really stuck.
Paul 4 The story had a weird resolution to it. It felt believable until the very end. I didn’t feel very entertained by it, but for what it was, it was done well enough.
Jarrod (bored to sleep)
Mark 6 I think the movie did a great job showing us chemistry between the different actors, so all their relationships felt real. All the actors were perfect in their roles. But it really took its time getting anything going. There there were too many subplots, or at least too many little vignettes, which kept reestablishing the same character traits over and over. If they trimmed down some of that clutter I would’ve enjoyed it a lot more.