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Prisoners of the Ghostland


James 7 I judge movies by entertainment value and this was entertaining. Sometimes that’s all it takes. Everything came full circle. I wish it was more consistent in the choice of language or subtitles.
Justin 2 I don’t know the whole point of Ghostland. I feel like there’s cultural things that I don’t understand, but it had a few funny points. There was limited action, and there was no point to the action. It was absolute hot trash. Awful. This movie was awful.
Clay 1 It just completely lacked a coherent story at all. Maybe that’s how they made the movie: they just put a bunch of stuff in a hat, mixed it up, and used whatever they pulled out of it.
Mark 2 There was no real story or character arcs. Most of the dialogue was complete word salad. The only actors who put any effort in were the ones who played Yasujiro, Bernice, and maybe Psycho. The characters who played a chorus from a Greek tragedy made it impossible to take seriously at any point.