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The Cloverfield Paradox


Justin 6 It probably would have benefited us to have watched the first and second movies. We needed to have some semblance of storyline to get an understanding of what was happening. But, it was entertaining; it kept me engaged, and I didn’t fall asleep. It’s always fun to throw in the comedic relief of a guy who didn’t have his arm. I appreciated the look of it. It had an easily predictable ending.
Mark 4 The set design was great. I believed this was a space station. Horror is not my favorite genre, but I can appreciate a good horror film that sets up its world’s rules and follows them. This movie had no rules. Why did his eye turn sideways? Why was his arm sentient? These things were creepy and funny, but every random, unexplainable thing was handwaved with a lazy mention of ‘quantum entanglement’. The performances from the actors did a lot of work carrying a badly written story.
James 5 I agree that the acting was good, and I also agree the stealing the arm from Evil Dead was good touch. [Justin, hater of good things: ‘Army of Darkness was such a terrible movie.’] The lack of a real antagonist was a big negative for me. The movie could really have benefitted from having Nic Cage.