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Under the Silver Lake


Justin 7 I wanted to give it a higher score; it was highly enjoyable until the end, which made no sense. It left me with so many questions unanswered, but it was still super fun and engaging. I didn’t regret watching it. I really feel like I need to watch it another time.
Mark 5 This was bizarre. I never felt more like I was along for a ride with a movie than this. The story started off in its own little world, especially with its dreamlike noir music, but gradually re-railed itself and found a plot. I was hooked the whole way through, but it felt like it had no destination or goal until that last thirty minutes, and very few of our questions were really answered.
James 8 I’d give it a nine, but I like Mandy a little more. I liked the soundtrack, and how it didn’t feel like a conventional film, so that you didn’t know what was coming next. The only pattern was there was no pattern. It’s worth giving a nod to all the actors; quality performances all around.
Brian 5 I liked the movie. It was engaging, odd, and fun. I liked the bit characters, and the Songwriter especially stole the movie. Someone’s gotta give me that guitar kill shot in a video game. My lower score comes from the later part of the movie. The end drew on a little too long, and took itself too seriously while seeming to pretend it didn’t.
Dustin 5 The acting and music were really good. The story felt like it was overthinking itself the entire time, almost like Knives Out. It wanted you to think everything’s connected, but it was all about getting to the old lady from the very start of the movie.