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Under the Silver Lake


Justin 7 This movie was a ton of fun to watch. I appreciate its style and goofy dialogue, which forces you to pay attention. The guitar scene really escalated quickly. The whole thing is a parody about Hollywood culture itself. I’m glad I watched it again.
Paul 8 I liked it. It was weird. It enjoyed itself being weird. It was in no way predictable, like, ‘Okay, he’s gonna run like this now’, or each act was introduced by him being naked, or he hates dogs and he hates women. He has no meaningful relationship with women and uses them and gets rid of them.
Jarrod 7 I didn’t think it’s horrible. It’s silly a comedy / thriller. That guitar. Oh my God. The guy even had old blood. The movie’s comedy was average, but it did it’s own little things, which I found amusing. I don’t know if it had a real conclusion. It was entertaining, definitely a throwback to an older type of movie, throwing T&A in there to get the harder rating. I was definitely happy watching him beat up those little kids.
Mark 8 I enjoyed it a ton more the second time around. Because I wasn’t left guessing where the story was headed, I was able to tune in more to dialogue from side characters, background details, and the deliberate ironies of characters saying one thing while doing another. There is a lot of foreshadowing hidden throughout. The parrot was the key to his happiness.
James 8 I don’t feel any different than the first time. It mocked a lot of Hollywood culture blended with billionaire conspiracy theories. It didn’t pull any punches taking shots at Hollywood moguls.