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Justin 6 I really appreciate this one. It didn't drag, it was very emotive. One of the highlights was the scene where he confronts the guy who lasted for only two months at his restaurant. This was not the action movie we thought it was supposed to be. But it did have a few moments that were hilariously disconnected from everything else happening.
James 6 Just gonna write about the underground truffle industry and three dudes processing grief. The premise was pretty simple, a movie about processing grief. It could probably be pepped up with some ‘action’; not necessarily violence, but more moments like talking to the guy in the restaurant. It would also benefit from a handful of flashbacks: scenes of his wife, or cooking a meal. Something to buy into the person he was deeply in love with, to better sell his significant loss, how he came to think nothing but relationships matter. But, they did sell the theme.
Mark 8 The advertising for this was wildly wrong: it was definitely not a John Wick-style rampage. It was much slower and more contemplative, an anti-revenge movie. While it succeeded in telling a really emotional story, it had quite a bit of padding for only being an hour and a half. Most of that was at least intended to give atmosphere, but a couple of scenes really broke character. I’m complaining more than I should, because I think this is one of Nic Cage’s best films.