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Sasquatch Sunset


Matt 4 As far as sasquatch documentaries go, that was pretty interesting. I appreciate them trying to make a real movie about sasquatches, so it’s not that worst thing I’ve ever seen. But if you add another 90 minutes, keep the cameras rolling, do they run into actual humans? Or do they always run into that abandoned stuff? That’s something I wanted to see.
James 7 I think for a movie with no dialogue, there’s a whole lot relayed to the audience really well. The score, every time they introduced a new bit, helped communicate their feelings a lot. The jokes all stick the landing. It may have a bit of an environmental message under the surface. Each season they come across a little more of humanity intruding, and in parallel things get worse for the sasquatches. So when they reach the end of the year, they’re fully surrounded by human civilization. Maybe there could have been a narrator at the start of each season, as something to help break up the continuous flow somewhat.
Justin 5 They always seem surprised by roads. To James point, you don’t need a lot of dialogue to tell it. They had their nonverbal gestures, and that was enough. But, it was so absurd. When there’s so many moments without any dialogue or even movement, it got draining. I started to doze off at some point. And oof, that animatronic was rough to watch. That kind of hurt, knowing the movie had a million dollar budget.
Mark 5 I think we know what ‘sunset’ means now. I really have to give them credit for their commitment to the premise. A version of the movie from other writers or directors would have brought that without it really serving the story. So this was really engaging on that level, that they came up with this quasi-documentary idea and held firm all the way to the end. But I don’t think I really found it much more interesting than that? I dunno. There were a lot of genuinely hilarious moments, but I was more entertained by the oddity of the movie’s existence, rather than by the movie’s story or characters.