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The Foreigner


James 7 I think I might be throwing it a bone because Isle of Dogs was so terrible that this was a nice reprieve. I appreciate Jackie transitioning from the comedic martial arts of the old days, and showing he’s actually able to do something a little more serious for a plot line.
Justin 7 Lotta action. Enjoyable action, too, not just action for action’s sake. You know, Pierce Brosnan didn’t do that bad a job. Boy he picks terrible friends, and women to marry… and to have an affair with… and nephews.
Paul 7 Only because I love Jackie Chan. If it didn’t have him I might otherwise give it a 4. It was pretty obvious Pierce Brosnan was gonna be bad, and it did lag a little, but I love Jackie Chan.
Jarrod 7 The plot kind of lagged in places. In terms of entertainment value, Jackie Chan did what he does best in movies. It wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t great, but it was entertaining.
Mark 5 Jackie Chan’s martial arts were fun to watch, but he was literally a terrorist in this, and the guy he terrorized legit didn’t have the information he was terrorizing him to get. What’s worse is if you remove Jackie Chan’s subplot the rest of the movie plays out identically and concludes at the same point. His character is entirely ineffectual.