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Project Power


James 6 Mildly entertaining.
Justin 7 I really enjoyed some of the way they filmed it. The scene where the lady was freezing, with the action going on around her, was shot really good. We were able to guess a lot of what was going to happen, but it was entertaining for sure.
Paul 7 I liked it. There were some obvious things, but that's always gonna happen in a superhero movie. But I liked the atmosphere, it felt grounded, more believable.
Jarrod 7 I wanna knock it more on the story, I don’t like being able to pinpoint what’s going to happen. But the movie was still very entertaining, it was more grounded in reality, not super cheesy. They were in New Orleans, should’ve done better with the accent, but the storyline was easy to follow, and I wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel.
Mark 8 I agree with a lot of what you guys said, the right word seems to be it was more ‘grounded’. I actually think there was quite a bit we tried calling and ended up wrong, but the parts we guessed correctly can be forgiven for being standard action, superhero genre tropes.