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Willy’s Wonderland


James 5 It was so bad it’s kinda funny. I laughed. I was entertained. Nic Cage’s dance-off with the pinball was the highlight. The scene at the end was awkward. The scene where he gives her the knife was alright. Better than Isle of Dogs.
Justin 5 Without a doubt. The best part was his break time. He’s about to start a big ol’ fight, then nope, here’s your knife. Break time. It was exactly as I imagined it would be: just a train wreck.
Clay 6 This was just mindless fun. Can’t go into this thinking it’s gonna be an Oscar-winning movie. Just watch the movie with your friends, drink some beer, have some fun. They’re thinking of a future when Mystery Science Theater 3000 does something with it.
Mark 4 This movie was so far beyond dumb that it circled back to entertaining. Nic Cage is somehow charismatic despite having zero dialogue, but the acting from the rest of the cast was so bad, and the writing groan-worthy.