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Color Out of Space


Matt 5 The opening narration did a good job setting it up to be sinister, and I know Lovecraft story’s are like this, but it was just uncomfortable. I thought it was all going to end up being in Nic Cage’s head, that he would go crazy and murder his family. But overall it didn’t have a very satisfying ending.
Justin 6 I think a lot of the crazy stuff that happened was just for crazy’s sake. The structure seemed to move so quickly from spot to spot, with no consistency, especially for character motivations. A serious thing happens, then the next moment they’re just casually talking about what to do for dinner? A lot of the weirder moments were funny, but many of the turns were so far out there that it at least kept me engaged. I enjoyed it a lot more than Isle of Dogs.
James 5 I thought about halfway through, it was trending into a slow build, so the climax was aggressive enough to make up for it. It being weird for the sake of weird is okay, but it still would have been nice to have a purpose. The storyline lacked any real closure, and the characters were difficult to identify with because they were so inconsistent. Like the dad having a rational conversation with his kids while this horrific thing is happening in the background, but two minutes later he has an unrelated meltdown. Every scene, the characters behaved way too differently, and the tone bounced back and forth.
Mark 6 I’m open that I don’t much enjoy horror movies because they usually end up funnier than they are scary. But this was a very effective horror story. It made me think of Cloverfield Paradox in a lot of ways: this thing happens with no obvious cause, characters behave in dumb ways, then that moment is soon forgotten and another arbitrarily weird thing happens to get their attention. The difference is that the scary moments here actually succeeded in giving me anxiety. The visuals were amazing, but the story needed a more linear escalation. A Random Events Plot just didn’t work.