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Guns Akimbo


Paul 6 It wasn’t as good the second time around, but I did enjoy it a lot the first time. It’s obviously very predictable. As long as you want something mindless, it can still be fun. It was nice seeing Daniel Radcliffe in a different role than Harry Potter.
Matt 5 Hm. Yeah. It’s not that terrible of a movie, but the storyline was pretty simple. It was just a shoot-em-up movie without very much depth to it. There were lot of plot conveniences. Like, he has guns nailed to his hands, so why are we questioning how he survived going through two car windows? At a certain point you just have to accept it. And, I did like his American accent.
Mark 6 That camera sure loved spinning around. This movie was very tonally similar to Gamer: the characters live in a grimy, terrible world where everyone casually watches real people killing each other on livestream. But where movies like Gamer are miserable to sit through because none of the characters are likeable and the visuals are muddied and grey-brown, this movie got charismatic actors and cranked up the saturation. This is dumb and has very few surprises, but if that’s what you’re looking for it can be fun.