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James 8 You can see the similarities to the John Wick series: non-stop action, creative death scenes, the troubled protagonist. The score is terrific, and balanced out the steady stream of violence. Christopher Lloyd was fantastic. Sign me up for the sequel.
Justin 8 This was exactly what I imagined it was going to be: awesome. I appreciate Christopher Lloyd being a badass. I’m sure there are a few plot issues, but I don’t care. I was looking for something awesome with a fair share of comedy. I do think just some missing pieces, and the Russian dude was kinda boring.
Paul 8 It holds up under a second watch, with its funny, mindless action. I like the quiet moments of comedy in between the action.
Mark 8 I went in expecting this to be a John Wick clone. Instead it was almost a parody of that kind of movie. It trimmed all the fat and got to the point pretty fast. I thought the Russian guy was a serviceable villain. Not terribly interesting, but entertaining enough. The movie didn’t overstay its welcome, there was no forced emotional ending. Everything had some levity.