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The Northman


James 7 It’s a wee bit slow moving and doesn’t offer much in the way of a surprise ending; it pretty much tells you the end from the get-go. However, the imagery, the score, the timely gore were all well placed. I like how it shows just enough without fixating on scenes. Like the dead dudes shaped like a horse or whatever, it’s a quick cut. The sex scene is a quick cut and moving on. It doesn’t embellish the details of the story unnecessarily.
Justin 6 I enjoyed the imagery. I appreciated the level of violence, but I can always use more. Certainly enjoyed the sword slow-pushed straight through the face of the noseless guy. I was assuming Olga would turn on Amleth. The story followed right along, didn’t bore you too much. Yeah. That’s good.
Paul 4 My score is higher than I think it should be. This was boring, and bland, and it tells a story that’s been told a hundred times, and it tells it much less interestingly and more lame. We knew the ending from the first five minutes, so nothing shocks or surprises you. You get to the end and it’s just Hamlet.
Matt 7 It’s like Gladiator. I enjoyed it. The magic things were kind of like, ‘Is it magic, is it actually happening, is he tripping?’ Like when he fought the zombie-guy. But it’s crappy that you know how it’s going to end, and you’re yelling at him ‘Dude, just get on the boat!’ But, overall I thought it was good. It was pretty drab, but they did their research with the language and history.
Mark 5 I felt like if we just mashed together Gladiator and Conan the Barbarian, this movie would be the result. Movies can still do the classic revenge plot in new ways, but this one just doesn’t offer us much that we haven’t seen before. I liked the sweeping landscape shots, and the world felt real, but everything was just so grey and visually boring. I enjoyed it enough for a first-time viewing, but the plot was so grim, dour, and predictable that I can’t see myself caring to watch it again.