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Beau Is Afraid


Paul 4 There was a lot to process, in that it really takes you through a roller coaster. I really appreciated it because I had no idea what was coming next, it was very original. Well, there was the Starship Troopers moment.
Matt 4 I’m only giving it this high of a score simply because the acting was done just that well. I thought at some point we would get a plot, but there wasn’t really any framework for it. I still think he was just tripping the entire time.
Justin 4 That was a jilted mother, man. I feel like I understand where that guy was coming from. I need to make sure I give this a higher score than You Were Never Really Here, because at least with this I laughed because I had no idea what I was watching, and I appreciate that. There was way too much… everything going on at all times, and it was still three hours long.
James 3 We need to blacklist Joaquin Phoenix movies from ever being watched again. I can’t ascertain any of this movie other than a couple things: maybe everything came down to his mom running a sadistic Truman Show situation, or maybe he died as a kid drowning, and he saw his future play out while he was drowning. That is not what a gigantic penis looks like. That is not what it would look like. But, so many scenes just dragged on. It was way too long.
Mark 6 This is honestly really hard for me to settle on a rating. It was so full of details to catch, and there’s some really funny moments, but not much actually happens plotwise. I enjoyed this a lot, but ninety percent of our reactions during the unnecessarily long runtime were varying forms of ‘What?’ I want this to make sense, and I’m still looking for something to make the disparate sections of the movie click into place. I like that a lot of it was so surreal and weird, but that alone doesn’t make the overall movie good. But I liked it. I can’t help it. I was fully engaged.