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Army of One


Justin 4 That movie was awful. Oh man. Even when I wanted it to be funny it wasn’t funny. The story made no sense, though I think that’s kinda the point? But it was just a rough, disjointed, ridiculous movie. Nic Cage did a great job, but the movie was bonkers.
Matt 5 To be honest, my score in the first fifteen minutes started at maybe a 7, but nope. As it continued I realized that’s not gonna happen, and the score continued to go down. This was Nic Cage being his most Nic Cagey, and he even broke the fourth wall, but a lot of the humor just felt forced. I know it was based on a true story, but still.
Paul 6 I’m giving it a slightly higher score just for the sword fight with Osama bin Laden. Even if it was just a dream, it should have ended there with him winning with the samurai sword. I thought it was incredibly stupid, but it actually made me laugh at loud.
James 5 I had never heard of this man before, so the fact it was based (loosely?) off a real person added some intrigue. It reminded me of being at work a little… Cage was his typical over-the-top self. Not a movie I’d watch again, though. Feels like you could’ve told the story and still shown how absurd this man’s quest was without making it quite as eccentric. Leaves me wondering if the real life Faulkner felt this was an accurate portrayal of himself.
Mark 4 Yeah, I’m shocked how this guy’s story completely flew under all of our radars. Once the schtick was established, it took way too long to get to the main plot… and it wasn’t even that long of a movie. We needed more of his ‘hijinks’ as he wandered around Pakistan. Most of it was simply him walking, not actually doing anything. We learned he interrupted some kind of CIA operation, but we never get a clear idea what that was or how he got in the way. I laughed at the intended comedy more for how blandly predictable and dumb it was, rather than how clever the writing wanted to be.