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The script’s story is attributed to Lenora Tor, the fictional author of the book Mandy reads.

The opening poem (‘When I die...’) is modified from The Grateful Dead Movie. The original poem is itself based on a USMC cadence.

The mention of Galactus was not ad-libbed by Nic Cage.

A single and an album from Jeremiah Sand have been released, performed in-character by his actor. The single came with a track in which he explains his life story. Jeremy Rygard came from a wealthy family in San Diego. He poisoned his abusive mother and absentee father, and spent years wandering California, throwing his inheritance into drugs and forming cliques. He changed his name and started making music. When his album flopped, he sought out a drug manufacturer known as the Minister (possibly the same Chemist from the film). The Minister’s new drug sent Jeremiah on a trip that convinced him he had received a vision from God. He created the Children of the New Dawn cult and began recruiting members from a local church.

One of the bikers has the Sigil of Lucifer patched on their vest, suggesting they are Theistic Satanists.

Script Differences

The animated segments are Red’s dreams, but some animation was going to appear during live-action segments when Mandy was at her drawing table.

Red and Mandy built their house from an abandoned cabin.

There is an omitted scene after Red and Mandy return from their camping trip. While Mandy is paying inside a gas station, the crooked sheriff comes across Red outside and tries to provoke him with an exposition dump: Red is a recovered alcholic and Mandy has allegedly slept with everyone in town. Red’s dialogue in the following scene—saying he thinks they should move away—is in reference to this local hostility.

Mandy’s story about the starlings has them killed by a neighbor, not her father.

There are a few more short scenes of Red and Mandy in their everyday life. Mandy tries to ask Red about his life from before they met, but he doesn’t open up. He tells more bad jokes.

The Children of the New Dawn cult comprises eight members under Jeremiah Sand: Swan (driver), Klopek (muscle), Hanker (mullet), Marlene (crone), River (teen girl), Lucy (‘crazy’), and twins Lewis and Lawrence (‘pudgy’). In the film, River and Lucy became the single character Lucy, while Lewis and Lawrence became simply Lewis.

The conversation is longer between Marlene and Mandy at the store. Mandy opens up more, taking longer to get ‘weirded out’. Marlene is buying tomatoes.

The Horn of Abraxas was meant to be an elegantly carved piece of black wood, not a pock-marked chunk of rock.

The Black Skulls biker gang comprises five members: Skratch (leader), Scabs, Spider, Fuck Pig, and Sis. In the film, Spider and Sis became just Sis. They are compared to ‘Harkonnen mauraders’, and it is implied they follow after the cult around the region. The cultists are afraid of the bikers, but the bikers are afraid of the Horn.

The cult only decides to give Lawrence to the biker gang during their abduction of Mandy.

Mandy attempts to escape after Jeremiah Sand’s failed attempt to seduce her. She falls into the basement and hides in the freezer.

The cult leaves behind Lewis to make sure Red dies. Jeremiah Sand and Swan mock the twin for being unable to find his own nose. Red escapes while Lewis watches TV, and kills the second twin.

There is no Cheddar Goblin segment. Red forges his axe immediately after leaving the bathroom.

Caruthers lives in a house, and requires a wheelchair. He informs Red that the biker gang is a chapter from the Black Skulls, a larger club of drug-runners. They split off from the main group after being given an especially bad batch of LSD from their manufacturer (implied to be the Chemist). Caruthers also mentions the bikers are rumored to commune with ‘some dark dimension’.

Spider is thrown down the basement pit, killed by starving dogs he kept at the bottom. Sis later confronts Red near the fireplace. In the film, Sis is thrown into the pit, but climbs out to confront Red near the fireplace.

When Red shoots the second crossbow bolt at Skratch, he douses it with lighter fluid and lights it up with his Zippo. The bolt sets Skratch on fire, who continues to burn during their fight.

The Chemist has a caged mandrill instead of a tiger.

Red confronts the cult atop a mountain (volcano) instead of in a quarry.

There is a single mention of Eldrich, a cult member outside the church. This is apparently an earlier name for Klopek, uncorrected as the draft was typed up.

Swan is thrown through the van’s windshield when he drives over the caltrops. Lucy shoots Red to defend Swan. Red kills her with a knife before using his axe on Swan. Red tells River to escape the cult.

The church’s enormous basement was a fallout shelter, built out of ‘cold war dementia’.

The medieval fantasy shape of the story (Red the retired warrior, Jeremiah Sand the evil warlock) is made explicit: Red is called a ‘barbarian’, and the result of his vengeance is compared to an act of Conan’s god Crom.